What Are The Flag Football Rules?
Rules and Regulations can be seen HERE
Are your events Co-ed?
Anyone who wants to play is more than welcome.
Do we have to pay in advance?
Our goal is to make events as seamless as possible. Part of that is preparing for the right amount of players and teams. Registering & paying in advance, allows us to do so.
Will you be offering other sports besides Flag Football?
ABSOLUTELY YES!!!. We are already in planning stages for Sand Volleyball, 3 on 3 Basketball & Small Goal Soccer. If you’d like to see a particular sport, LET US KNOW!!!
What if I'm a Free Agent without a Team?
If you don’t have a team, enter Free Agent as your Team Name and we. will do our best to find placement for you in the Division you are looking to play in.
What if our team is short a player or two?
We have Free Agents registering all the time. Reach out to us so we can help you complete your team!